We transform organizations with innovative and unique solutions. We lead you on change and digital transformation processes by building and offering "out of the box" solutions plus software / technology that put the idea into practice. We focus only on add value.



We partner with companies and promote the development of the skills and innovative culture that will enable their employees to reach their maximum potential. Using methodologies and practices, we carry out innovative micro-projects. Yet we're always focused on the business. In turn, we schedule innovations, backed by our tried experiences in every type of organization yielding quick results and a large return. We leave the our 'know-how' at the disposition of our clients.



Software Engineering


We develop software with an agile and multi-disciplinary team. We focus on the needs of our clients and generate solutions that add value to the business and move it forward at the speed it deserves.

Digital Transformation


We design and lead digital transformation processes through personalized and scalable corporate strategies. We apply technology to solve real problems, facilitating digitalized management and automatizing operations to raise productivity and efficiency levels.



Culture is the foundation for the development of innovation and the sustainable implementation of any digital transformation strategy. This is why we put 'people first'. We teach and train them in methodologies that are trending in the market, to help them solve challenges in a creative and innovative way, developing the skills of the future that will have an impact on the present.

We Build Community


We are part of an ecosystem that's in constant movement. We build relationships with associations, public organizations, non-profits, incubators, universities and other institutions. We help each other mutually, giving reinforcing skills that can be witnessed in projects and long-lasting relationships built on trust. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO TOGETHER.

Solutions | Outside the Box

Automation in Software Navigation

In partnership with our clients, we implement automation to increase their efficiency. This frees up time spent on manual and operational labor, allowing the collaborators to focus their efforts on other tasks such as management and supervision. Additionally margins of error are reduced.

Data Engineering

We work on different projects detecting anomalies, patterns and correlations in large groups of data. We also use web crawlers to get the data from different sources and to translate it into valuable information for your business.

Software Engineering

Alongside our clients, we work together to design platforms and ad hoc software applications. We lead the projects in an agile fashion, applying methods and disciplines that make iterations fluid and ensure that the results are as expected.

Innovation Processes

We partner with different companies in the implementation of agile methodologies and tools like Map Day Planning, Kanban, and Scrum. We train employees in tools of disruptive thought such as Forced Analogy and Heuristic Ideation and compel digital transformation and the development of new business models.


"Making mistakes is normal. It's the only way to learn and move forward." "If we make mistakes, we want them to be inexpensive ones in terms of time and money."

Ramiro Ortega

CO-Founder at ROSS

I'm a Telecommunication Engineer and I have over 20 years of experience in software development and IT, directing local and international projects for companies such as Personal, Intel and Kolektor. I consider myself to be an entrepreneur by nature. My strength is development and guiding innovation as well as directing teams with a high performance level. My focus is on making work more productive, efficient, simple and fun.

"Tell us something that hurts you." We analyze it together and bring solutions oriented towards your needs.

Sebastián Sosa

CO-Founder at ROSS

I have a 5-year-degree in Computer Systems, with ample experience with international companies like IBM, Oracle and first-rate consulting agencies. I'm also an entrepreneur, extremely curious and passionate about technological challenges, converting data into information and I love coordinating large interdisciplinary teams of millenials. I learn from them every day.

+30 Talents



If you tend to focus on problems in a way that's different and creative, this is the place for you!

In ROSS you'll explore new possibilities, with real-life challenges where you'll be able to immerse yourself in them, play, share and learn. We have the conviction that work done in a team is generosity. Join us!

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